phones - Square Cow Moovers

On Friday the iphone 5 was released, if you didn’t stand in line to get one, perhaps one will be arriving at your doorstep soon.  After you unwrap your new iphone what are you going to do with the box?  Do you toss or keep your tech boxes?  Sure you’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but what do you do with the boxes?  If you are planning on moving soon, your first impulse may be to get rid of any extra clutter, including empty boxes.  However, there may be a few good reasons for you to hold onto those tech boxes.  If you plan on re-selling any of your gadgets, keeping the original box could help you to recoup more of your original cost.  Typically second-hand items are worth more if they come with the original packaging and box.  Keeping the box for a larger item, like a TV, could actually come in handy during a move.  A standard box size may not fit easily around a big flat screen TV.  Keeping the original box could help you and your movers safely transport a larger tech item.  On the flip side, if you live in a small space like an apartment and don’t have access to a storage space like an attic, keeping large boxes may not be an option.  If a tech item is under warranty you may also want to keep the original box, in case you have to send it in to be repaired or replaced.  What do you do with your tech boxes?