Image Credit: www.lahcows.org
Image Credit: www.lahcows.org

Somehow it always seems like it is more difficult to find a Father’s Day gift than a Mother’s Day gift.  Perhaps it is the perceived notion that moms will more willingly accept poorly but lovingly drawn kiddie portraits and handmade macaroni necklaces.  Where do you start when thinking of a gift for good ol’ Dad?  What are his hobbies?

If you have a Dad that is into fishing, loves grilling or is a fan of a favorite sports team, then you probably have it a little easier.  Techy Dads who love gadgets, crafty Dads who work with tools in the garage and photography Dads always behind the camera may be a little bit more difficult to shop for.  First you have to know what kind of tools he already has in his garage, or what accessories he already possesses for his iwhatever, or the specific lens he needs to go with his X-blahblah camera…Not to mention that most of these gifts may be a bit pricier.

So how do you make sure you get Dad a gift he will really love?  Check out some of  the ideas below and hopefully one will hit the right chord or inspire you in some way.

Tell us!  What are you getting your Dad for Father’s Day?