Square Cow Moovers - Your Professional Moving Company

Back in late January, Square Cow was contacted by the Samaritan Center of Austin to inform us that we were one of fifteen small businesses nominated for the Ethics in Business award here in Austin. Needless to say, we were thrilled! The Ethics in Business Award is a prestigious honor among Austin Businesses. For being such a young company and in the moving industry, it means a lot to us to even be put in the same room with some very well established and trustworthy businesses.

Over the course of a four month period we went through a tough screening process, including two phone interviews and a video interview. In the end, Square Cow Movers was one of three finalists! Our two fellow finalists were Gonzalez Office Supply and Luna Data Solutions.

To simply be nominated was awesome, but to then make it into the top three most ethical small businesses in Austin? We are incredibly honored. And we applaud Gonzalez Office Supply for winning the number one spot this year. They have been in business much longer than we have and totally deserve it.

But now? Now we are on a mission to be nominated next year and win. In the moving industry, ethics are sadly difficult to come by. We are dedicated to not only prove that this industry can be ethical, but to continue to raise the bar for our industry across the board. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers, friends and family who have helped make us who we are today. We ask that you continue holding us to the highest standard possible, so that we can continue improving and growing. We love you all!

Here is the video of all the finalists for the Ethics in Business Award for Small Businesses. Again, a huge thank you to the Samaritan Center of Austin for hosting this fantastic initiative.

[youtube icxBx2PciFA]