Square Cow Moovers - Your Professional Moving Company

There are thousands of folks who could comment here and tell us of a time when a moving company has treated them unfairly, stolen their stuff, overcharged them with hidden fees or broken things without answering for them. It’s terrible that so many dishonest movers are willing to take advantage of others in an unsettled situation. One of the worst we have heard about recently was back in May when a group out of Arizona called Allstar Moving and Storage was finally pinched by the Arizona Attorney General for their terrible and downright dishonest deeds.

That being said, folks still need their stuff mooved. Notice that we changed the word? Mooving is different than moving. Mooving is an honest trade with honest and nice people taking on the jobs with training, good manners and professionalism. Obviously we aren’t the only beasts in the field (although we think we’re the best.) So, here are some tips on how to avoid criminals when hiring a moving company:

Hopefully, if you are reading this, you will call us first. We work very hard to make sure every moove is successful, safe and transparent. If not, we hope that you can arm yourself with these tidbits of info when you’re looking for the right moovers for you.