No, we are not talking about the act of terrorizing cows in a pasture after hours. For those of you who do participate in that horrendous activity, watch out. One of these days us cows might tip back…

Anywho, cow tipping is the act of giving your square cow helpers a little something extra for all the hard work they do for you. People get mighty nervous when tipping is mentioned. In order to navigate this rather touchy and delicate subject, let’s turn it into a mini Q&A session. Shall we?

“Is this an obligation? Because I would consider this another fee if it is!”

No, no and NO! You are not obligated to tip your square cows. This is something we only encourage you to do if you feel like your square cows have done an excellent job, and you want to give them something to show your appreciation. No square cow will ever ask you for a tip, neither will they be upset if you don’t give them one. If you do give them one, expect a big smile and a very sincere thank you.

“Will they treat my stuff bad if I don’t tip?”

No, never. Absolutely not. They wouldn’t know how, because each square cow has it ingrained into their bovine noggin’ that your stuff is as important as their own stuff. They will always treat you and your belongings  with the utmost respect.

“How much am I supposed to give them if I am going to tip?” 

There is no right answer for how much you should tip your moovers. After being in the business for a number of years, it seems that 10% of your overall mooving cost is a normal tip for those folks who feel mooved to give one. For some this may be too much, and others too little. We are not telling you how much to tip. This information is only if you are looking to find a general rule of thumb for appropriate tipping standards.

Well folks, that oughta do it for this particular subject of conversation. If you have any questions about tipping, or you simply want to talk to us about ethics of such an act, please feel free to contact our three bulls at the office. They will be happy to discuss it with you.