Recently, herd leader, Wade Lombard, had the opportunity to give a presentation on “Cow Culture” and the keys to Square Cow success to Somnio Solutions, a local digital marketing agency.  Take a peek at his presentation.

cow culture
Cow Culture, our daily tactics to continue our crazy path towards success.
Look Out, Not In – Be more focused on the well-being and happiness of others around you than your own. Defer to Others When Driving. Be nice on the road, squash road rage. Other Movers – Be kind to your fellow movers, even if they are not being kind to you. Jerks don’t last long in our ranks.
We tell our guys to literally say these things to our customers. It is “Yes sir, yes ma’am” whenever anyone on the job addresses you or you address them. Doesn’t matter who it is. To our customers it is always “No problem. Our pleasure!”
YOU CANNOT OVER-COMMUNICATE! We call our customers so many times during our process that you would think they would be sick of it by the end. This is NEVER the case. One issue we now avoid because of this is around arrival times.
Go above. Go Beyond. Moving is a super stressful time for our clients. There are times when we can do things for our customers that are not in our job descriptions or there really isn’t a call for us to go out of our way for our customers. But, we encourage our guys to look for those opportunities to commit random acts of wow.
These people pay our pay checks! We couldn’t be a successful company without folks deciding to put their trust and money in us to do the job we advertise. It becomes toxic and infectious when people in the office start bad-mouthing clients or complaining about the dumb things clients do. Stop it. Don’t. Love your clients. Not all of them will love you back, but if you have the right attitude and do a great job then most of them will.
Exactly as the photo says- take ownership.
It’s okay to admit that some clients are more difficult than others. Identify those folks as best you can. Document things meticulously with these clients, and go out of your way to hold their hand. We always strive to do a great job, no matter what, but sometimes we have to make a conscious effort with certain people. This doesn’t mean these people are bad (necessarily) but they do need more attention.
We are not in the business of customer service. We are here to SERVE.
Always remember that the client probably hasn’t moved in years, if not decades. Take a walk in their shoes. Never assume they know anything. We are the experts at this.
If there is a problem with a move, a manager will stop whatever they are doing, get in the car and head to that move. They will then introduce themselves to the client and stay on that move, helping and managing it, until it is finished. Never let the problem fester. It will turn toxic much quicker than you would expect.
Go to their level, don’t expect them to come to yours. Charge what makes sense to make money, but do not force a potential client to live in your world. You need to live in theirs. Most old folks don’t know/understand email. Fine. How do you get them a proposal? You print it out and drive it to their house.
You are doing a great job when nobody makes a comment about the little things, ever. Little things include: clean dashboards in our trucks and guys with clean shirts tucked in to clean shorts or pants. To make an experience perfect, there are so many things the client needs to experience without ever noticing they were experiencing your hard work.
Choose your words.
Sometimes it’s going to be tough dealing with people and their emotions. Tough. Grow thick skin. Yes, easier said than done, but you need to do it.
Comfort. Peace of Mind. Safety. Security. Convenience. What are you selling?
Always seek to improve. We use Catch Engine to help make this happen for us!
This one is tough. Acknowledge when you are wrong. Even if you are a little wrong or not really wrong at all, but you can see why the customer is frustrated. There will be a few crooks and jerks out there. They are few and far between compared to the majority of those you will deal with. They will sour your experience running a business. If you know that they are 100% in the wrong and what they are trying to get out of you is unacceptable, then stand up for yourself. These times are rare. If this happens over and over again, you may need to reevaluate your righteous stance. Just words of caution to live by.
Study other success stories. One brand we admire is Chick-fil-A. We study their success and their processes like crazy.
It’s all about the details, the small things. Putting paper down to walk on. Wrapping something fragile before moving it, even when it’s not really necessary. Checking on the client to see how they are doing in the middle of the move. These are small things, but they are a big deal to the customer.
Identify where you are failing and where you can do better. Identify those folks in your company who might be the dead weight and get rid of them. Address these things, otherwise they may pull you under.


lets build it right
There is no silver bullet, magic wand or elevator to success. It’s tough. It’s a lot of work. It’s totally worth it. And if it’s not, then you were never building it right to begin with.