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Where is the best place to store your medicine?

Did you know that the best place to store medicine is probably not a medicine cabinet?  Keeping medicine in the bathroom can actually contribute to the faster chemical breakdown of medications.  The changing temperatures and humidity in the bathroom, from hot baths and showers can speed up the deterioration and ineffectiveness of medications.  The ideal place to store medicines would be somewhere darker and cooler with a more consistent temperature.  This will allow medicines to keep for a longer time.  While cleaning out your medicine cabinet, consider where you are storing your medications.  A move to a new home could mean that this is an ideal time to relocate your medicine cabinet to a more suitable spot.

So if you shouldn’t keep your medicine in a medicine cabinet, where is the ideal place to store your medications?  If you have younger children, keeping medicine out of their reach is also an important factor in deciding where to store medicine.  A tupperware box with a locking lid placed on a high shelf in a linen closet or even in a high kitchen cabinet would be ideal.  However, if you plan on keeping your medications in a kitchen cabinet, make sure it is not above the stove.