We must be reverting to a nation of Nomads. Moving from place-to-place like the cultures of ancient Asians, Africans and Far Easterners to obtain food and make a living. The only difference in the 21st century, we don’t relocate to find pasture for livestock.

As a pure matter of fact, nearly 20% of the population pulls-up stakes every year for greener grazing land. That’s in the 50-million range of people who box and unbox their stuff from January to December.


For professional moooves, you may have the routine down packed. For the rest of us, planning our relocation is not something they teach in schools. There’s always that thought in the back of our minds, haunting us over-and-over, “What did I forget?”

A Month Before

moving1 - Square Cow MooversYou’re going to be busy, but we have a plan to deflate the bubble of uncertainty on a week-to-week, day-to-day basis. The biggest thing you need to handle is making an appointment with the Austin moving companies for the exact day you plan to have everything crated and stuck in the truck. Best advice: Talk to the actual mover and not a broker. The guys doing the heavy lifting are more likely to give you a fairly accurate estimate. But wait, there’s more:

The Two Week Mark

Too often we pay a lot more to move our things from one place to the next because we think we need everything we’ve collected over the years. You don’t. Remember, movers charge by the pound. Any weight you can shave-off the haul is money in your pocket – in two ways: You’re not moving dead weight and with a garage sale, your junk might be another person’s future junk.

One Week to Go

Since most of the big stuff has been considered, you’re now at the point of things that cause you to go through the “What did I forget?” mode. Stifle it, Edith.

The Day Before

We’re getting to the bottom of the barrel with the simple stuff at this juncture:

The Big Day

As the moving truck pulls up, have a conversation with the lead guy. You want to make sure they have the exact address where you’re possessions are going. Also, double-check the delivery date. Give them that print-out of the Google maps.

The New Place

Let everyone off-the-hook by calling your family, friends and whoever needs to know that you’ve arrived safely. We’ve got another blog article that tells you how to handle things once you’ve arrived. Scroll around on our site. Once you get to it, some great tips there, too.

boxes - Square Cow Moovers

And as we said in a previous article, if you’ve got enough room, don’t pitch the boxes. You may be doing this again someday. We just hope it’s not too soon.