boomerang def

Boomerang Kid-


a young adult who, after having lived on his or her own for a time, returns to live in the parental home, usually due to financial problems caused by unemployment or the high cost of living independently

You may have never heard of the term, but you may know one or two “boomerang kids” yourself.  A slow economy, lack of available jobs, the high cost of education and living can all contribute to young adults mooving back in with good ol’ mom and dad.  Even though many young adults just accomplished a great achievement by graduating from an institute of higher education in May, June and July may find some of those former students moving back home.

Your household may include some young adult members for a variety of reasons: saving money for their own home, difficulty finding a job or reasonably priced housing, helping to care for the young or elderly, etc.  Whatever the reason “the kids” are moving back home, you may want to peruse some of these coping strategies to help ensure a smooth transition.