When’s the best time to buy a home in Austin? Luckily for the locals, Austin was largely unaffected by the economic downturn over the last few years which has helped the real estate market stay strong and steady.

If you’re a homebuyer that wants the best deals you’ll want to buy when there’s the least competition. That can be hard in a city like Austin that has a growing population and affordable homes. However, if you can time it right there are better times during the year to buy.

Winter Months

The summer is undoubtedly the high season for real estate in just about every part of the country, while the winter months are the slowest. Less buyers are out and about which means sellers will be more willing to negotiate to get their home sold.

Another factor that plays into winter deals is curb appeal. During the winter months leaves have fallen off the trees, grass isn’t as green and perennial flowers aren’t yet in bloom. You’ll be taking a little bit of risk not know how good the yard will look when spring rolls around, but it can affect the bottom dollar you spend.

Another advantage of buying during the slower season is Texas movers may be offering better deals and discounts on rentals or services.

Buying a Home During the Holidays

Most people are too busy to focus on home buying during a holiday season. With less people to compete with you’re less likely to have to deal with a bidding war, making this a great time to put in an offer.


It’s a major holiday in a winter month which means Christmas is the ideal time to buy a home. It may make for a hectic holiday season, but you’ll be able to start the New Year in a new home that you probably got at a good price while others were out shopping.

In December home prices are typically the lowest they’ve been all year. Pair that with sellers that are serious enough to be selling during a holiday, and you’ve got yourself a great negotiating position.


Home sellers start gearing up for summer during the spring season and homes begin flooding the market. Activity increases all around, but there’s one time in spring when you can put in an offer and not worry about competition – Easter.

On Easter weekend families are celebrating the holiday, spring break is well underway and there aren’t as many buyers around. In addition to less competition, an added bonus of buying during this time of year is the large inventory you have to choose from. Easter usually falls between March 22nd and April 25th each year so mark your calendar.

Holidays may not be the most convenient time for you or your real estate agent, but that’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to buy a home in Austin.

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