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Best Homemade Treats to Meet New Neighbors With - Square Cow Moovers

We believe that any new adventure is best conquered with food! When embarking on the adventure of meeting your neighbors, why not bring some treats to sweeten the deal?  Our herd prefers cow feed, but your neighbors might prefer some of these homemade treats!

Popcorn- “Just poppin’ in to say…you have new neighbors!”

Homemade popcorn is easy to make, affordable and abundant!  This homemade treat is sure to remind your neighbors of childhood fun.  Introduce yourself (and your popcorn) with a tag that reads “Just poppin’ in to say you have new neighbors”.

S’mores – “There’s always room for s’more”

Bring back summer memories with all the fixings for some s’mores!  Place graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate in a jar to remind neighbors that “there’s always room for s’more” friends!  You can print out a tag here.

Classic Cookies

You can’t go wrong when you go classic!  A plate of warm cookies will always be welcome by new neighbors.  If you aren’t the best baker, feel no shame in using cookie dough (they were still made in your home oven, right?).  The blog gives some cookie presentation inspiration!

Goldfish / Swedish Fish “Fishing for new friends”

Okay, so Goldfish and Swedish Fish aren’t homemade, but you can create cute packaging around either of these kid-friendly candy staples to let neighbors know you are “Fishing for new friends” in your neighborhood!

Down to the Details

If you want your new neighbors to know that you are extra creative (or extra considerate) create cards to go along with your homemade treats containing your address and contact information.  If you do opt to share homemade treats, consider including an ingredient list with your treats so that neighbors with specific food allergies can know what is safe to eat.

Wishing you the best of luck in your new home and new neighborhood.  We hope these sweet ideas will help you win over your new neighbors!

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/best-homemade-treats-meet-new-neighbors/