Imagine! You are on the set of What Not to Wear, you have $5000 for a new wardrobe that will change your life. Stacy London and Clinton Kelly add their pizazz and sass to your choices, show you new ways to-


Blankets - Square Cow Moovers…No, that isn’t right. Sorry folks, wrong article! Sometimes Wayne gets carried away. He only gets TLC and HGTV at the pasture. Anyways, what we are talking about is dressing for the success of your move, or moove as we like to call it. Our crew comes to every job decked out in uniform shirts, respectable pants andclean shoes and it is part of a method. Think about it. Do you really feel comfortable letting a group of dudes handle your $5000 armoire if they are wearing flip flops and their shirts look ready for the incinerator, not the washer? I don’t think so!

But it goes further than that. Dressing in uniform is a way to cut downon disorganization  in an already chaotic environment because let’s face it, moving easily degenerates into disorganization and chaos. Luckily, we are champions of order in a sea of chaos, which leads to our blankets.


WadeWithDolly - Square Cow MooversRemember in A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that every hitchhiker’s greatest asset is their towel? Well, every mover would be naked without their moving blankets. We consider our moving blankets to be a part of our uniform, and following this logic, we have an obligation to keep our blankets folded, stacked and off to the side until they are needed. This way, they are out of the way and easy to find when needed. Brilliant, we know.

Anyways, if a moving company comes out to your house not dressed for success, we urge you to send them away with the words, “You aren’t dressed for the game. Hit the bench!” Then call us.