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Pink Caslte Swing SetWhether you are taking it with you to your new homestead or have to move it off the property for new owners, moving a play set is a big undertaking. We know those things aren’t cheap! So trashing it may not be the most cost effective option.

Options for Moving a Play Set

Regardless of which option below works best, here are a few things to consider before you start the move:

·      Condition of the play set

·      How to protect your lawn during the move

·      How the play set will be moved into its next location and reassembled

Professional Movers

Professional Woodlands moving companies are equipped and experienced at handling a play set move. Don’t have the right tools? Don’t have the means to transport the pieces? Don’t have the time to take everything apart? It might be time to call some movers, if the answer to those questions is yes.

Sell It

Need to move the play set but don’t really want it at your new house? Is it in good condition? Could you use a few extra bucks for the rest of your move? List the play set on Craigslist.org, etc. and specify that the buyer is responsible for its move. It’s a win-win.

Donate It

Want a decent tax deduction? Is the play set in decent condition? Do you like that feel-good high you get from helping out a locale charity? Check with charity organizations to see if they are excepting play sets and, if so, ask if they will be able to handle the move. NOTE: Goodwill doesn’t do pick ups.

Do It Yourself

Not afraid to take on sizeable projects? Have a truck or trailer at your disposal? Want to save the most money possible and keep your play set? Then let’s move on to the Play Set Moving Tips section.

Play Set Moving Tips


1.     Check out the play set to make sure the condition is worth the effort and cost of moving it. Look for rust spots on metal play sets and rot spots on wood frame ones. This will also help you identify potential weak points that you need to be extra careful with.

2.     Take pictures – both wide shots of the entire thing and close ups of different areas. This will be a lifesaver when it comes to reassembly.

3.     Make note of all the connectors. If screws or bolts are damaged you’ll need to get replacement parts and make sure you have all the proper tools needed for disassembling and reassembling.

4.     Is the play set anchored to the ground with cement? If so you’ll have to consider whether it’s worth the extra work and possible damage to move.


1.     Have a box or plastic bags handy to hold the hardware. Put the parts to different sections in different containers and label accordingly.

2.     Break it down into its smaller sections first. Remove the slide, monkey bars, etc. From there you can decide whether a section needs to be broken down further in order to get it moved. Depending on the vehicle you are using to transport it, the clubhouse section may need to be broken down further.

3.     Remove and/or secure any parts that can become jostled, tangled and tattered like the swings, canopy of the clubhouse, rings, etc. This is a must if sections are being transported in the open flatbed of a truck.


1.     Pick a spot for the play set that is level and free of obstructions. Don’t forget kids like to leap out of swing so having at least a 6-foot clearance is recommended.

2.     Look for assembly instructions online for your exact play set. If you can’t find it, bust out the photos you took before dissembling to use as a reference.

3.     Start with the main tower and then work your way out to the accessories.

4.     Once you’ve got the sections reassembled and back together anchor the play set firmly in place. You can opt for concrete permanent anchors or use removable anchors that go into the ground and are screwed into the bottom of the play set.

No matter what option you choose to make the move, the number one priority is to make sure the play set is safe and secure for the kiddos.

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Image Source: waterloostructures.net