The Chinese built the Great Wall, but did that keep the hoards from the north from scaling the obstacle? Same with Istanbul. Nice gate around the city until someone came-up with the idea of shaping marble the size of a bowling ball, dumping a load of gun powder in the bottom of a closed cylinder, rolling the orb down the tube and lighting the blasting chemicals. Boom goes the cannon, leaving a few holes in the centuries-long barrier.

Such is Life – Especially the Moving Life

When a monkey wrench gets tossed into the machinery, stress ensues. Moving can not only gum-up the works, it’s a stress magnet. Chin-up, everyone. Sure, it’s a pain, but it’s also a test of character, a way to exercise the muscle we call a brain and it proves that the fit survive (and subsequently thrive).

It may not happen today, but every stressful problem on this swell planet of ours is ultimately waiting for a solution. Generally, it comes about by communication. With that in mind, let’s tear down that wall.


We’re going to use our cranium and our mouth for these points of communication. Turn-off the argument mode and flick-on the solution switch:






One final way to take the stress out of your relocation. There’s a phrase that sometimes gets attributed to President Ronald Reagan, but he wasn’t the one to coin the quote. The words actually came from someone that the former President nearly wholeheartedly disagreed with. “Trust, but verify.”

That bromide was first coined by Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

See how easy it is to tear down barriers with just a little know-how?