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Storage Unit

Making a move from one home to another is relatively easy to plan. Point A + Point B = the move. However, if you’re not able to move into your new place right away, or if you are making renovations that require you to move household goods temporarily, things can get a little more muddled. During these transitional periods short-term storage becomes a necessity.

The good news is you have several options for storing items during holdover periods whether it’s just a day or more than a month.


Options for Handling Short-Term Storage Gaps

One or Two Days of Storage

It can sometimes be difficult to time things just right so that you can move into your new home before you have to be out of your old place. This is often the case when you’re selling and buying real estate at the same time. If there is a storage gap of only day or two Square Cow Movers can keep your stuff locked up in our truck for a small overnight fee. We’ll then deliver everything to your new humble abode on move in day. Whenever possible it’s best to shoot for 1-2 day storage. This is the most cost-effective option since movers only need to load and unload the items once. With other storage options the movers will essentially have to move things twice.

A Week or Two of Storage

Let’s suppose you’re redoing the sheetrock throughout your home. It’s a messy job that quickly coats everything in dust and dirt. Keeping everything at home just isn’t realistic, but the job is going to take more than a week. When you have access to your property and don’t need storage for an extended period of time a moving container is an excellent option. Our moving consultants can help you figure out how many containers you need and the right sizes to get so you have enough space for everything without overspending. Our movers can then get everything packed inside so it’s efficient and accessible.

A Month or More of Storage

Storage units were created to give people that extra space they just don’t have at home. You may be between houses or need a place to store items during a big renovation, but either way storage that’s needed for a month or more calls for a storage unit. Square Cow Movers is no stranger to short-term storage moving. Our movers can get everything loaded up on the truck, transported to the storage facility and unloaded into the unit without any hassles. Packing things into a storage unit is a true skill that our movers have mastered. We know how to use every square inch of space so that everything fits in securely and still allows for accessibility.


One day, one week or one month, no matter how long your short-term storage is Square Cow Movers can help you make it as convenient as possible.

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