elderly couple - Square Cow Moovers

Those of us who’ve tried to get our gramma on a mover’s dolly know that she really objects when you try to strap her in. You tell her that it’s for her own good, but since she just recently ran the Boston Marathon, your pleas fall on deaf ears.

Not really hearing-impaired ears. She can distinguish a dropped pin in a neighbor’s house two blocks away.

Bargaining and Losing

Throughout anyone’s life, they’ve collected a lot of treasures. Probably a lot of junk, too. If you’re moving a Senior to their own place, sure bet it’s a smaller abode. On the other hand, bringing your aging father to your house, since we live in three-dimensions, there’s no place to store the stuff in another space and time.

Be prepared for some lively discussions.

We all just want to get along. Stepping-off on the wrong foot by arguing whether an aging parent or grandparent truly needs that string of paperclips that they and the spouse put together on their honeymoon leads to bad blood right at the start.

Here are some ideas that might make the relocation of an elderly family member go a long way toward peace, love and understanding: