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At Square Cow Movers, we have mastered moving in Central Texas. Part of the mastery is knowing the lay of the land, the local climate, and how it all can affect the things that we’re moving.

Along the way we’ve found that wood is one material that can suffer the most during a move. That is, unless you take precautions and use these helpful tips that keep wood furniture safe while loading and unloading.

Always Keep Moisture in Mind

Moisture and wood go together about as well as a cow at a steak-eating contest. Even the slightest bit of water can cause wood to warp, rot, weaken, or get covered in mold. There are a number of times during the moving process when moisture can become an issue – during temporary, non-climate controlled storage, if it rains on moving day, forgetting to defrost the fridge before putting it in the moving truck, etc.

Plan ahead to keep water as far away from your wood furniture as possible. It’s also a good idea to check the weather where you’ll be moving so you can properly prepare if the humidity level is higher.

Use Protective Materials and Moving Equipment

If wood furniture rubs up against other objects, it can get scratched, gouged or cracked. That’s why protective padding is essential. Moving blankets, furniture pads, and heavy comforters do a great job of protecting wood. You can also use packing paper and strategically placed cardboard around wood furniture. It’s particularly important to pad the corners and legs since these spots are most susceptible while the furniture is being loaded and unloaded.

IMPORTANT: Never use plastic wrap directly on real wood because it can trap moisture inside. Real wood requires a breathable material against its surface. You can, however, use plastic wrap to secure the first layer of paper or padding.

Disassemble Wood Furniture Whenever Possible

If your wood furniture can be taken apart, it’s worth the extra time and energy. That way each piece can be wrapped all the way around and completely protected during transport. Disassembling the furniture can also help you maximize your space in a moving truck or storage container.

Secure the Drawers

Many wood furniture pieces have drawers built in, and they’re one part of the furniture that can suffer the most damage. The problem is many people forget to secure the drawers before they start moving the furniture. The drawer swings out, knocking into things and scraping the wood or throwing the drawer off its tracks. The simple fix is to tie drawers shut with a soft twine before packing up the furniture.

Treat Wood Furniture Before Storing or Moving

Your to-do list is probably already packed, but it may be necessary to treat wood furniture before you store or move it. If the furniture is dried out and there’s potential for cracking, treat it with a good furniture polish. This will help alleviate the dryness, so it’s less likely to crack.

Move Wood Furniture Towards the End

Keeping wood in a climate controlled setting is always optimal. Even though wood furniture is usually bulky, it’s a good idea to wait and load these pieces last. Just make sure you’ve allocated enough space on the moving truck.

Avoid Stacking on Top of Wood Furniture

Because wood can easily get scratched, you’ll want to avoid stacking things on your wooden furniture. Even if you use a protective barrier, there’s still the potential for damage.

Need help moving to a new location in Texas with or without wood furniture? Our moving bovines will get everything packed up securely so you don’t have to worry about damaging your worldly possessions. Call today or contact us online to learn more about our exemplary moving services.

Original Source:  https://squarecowmovers.com/protect-wood-furniture-move/