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Spring into Cleaning Your New House

Right now rubber gloves are selling like hot cakes. It’s the Spring Cleaning season, when homeowners air out the house and clear out the clutter. For new homeowners, it’s a chance for a truly clean start. Get your new house squeaky clean and ready for Spring with these tips! Tip #1 – Don’t Assume It’s […]

Indoor Plants That Purify Air in Your Home

Did you know the air inside your home is probably more polluted than outside? The EPA estimates that on average many common pollutants are 2-5 times higher indoors compared to outdoors. And keeping things squeaky clean could be adding to the problem. When a home is airtight it improves energy efficiency, but on the flip side […]

Starting a Garden at Your New Home

It’s National Fresh Fruits and Veggies month! In honor of the special occasion, we’re providing readers with our top tips for starting a garden from scratch. Gardens are very beneficial for a person’s health. Not only does a garden provide a source of nutritional food, it’s also a great stress reliever and a fun family project […]

Year Round Maintenance That Can Reduce Spring Cleaning

After all the moving is said and done, we all know a new home isn’t always a clean home. As the weather warms up and your thoughts turn towards spring, spring cleaning might come to mind.  According to a recent survey by SpareFoot , 78% of Americans plan to spring clean.  While many plan to spring clean, […]

Weeding and Landscaping at Your New Home

You just bought the home of your dreams. It’s in a fantastic neighborhood and the house is move-in ready. But there’s one hang up – the yard. Purchasing a home in the winter or start of spring may mean that the yard needs maintenance now that the weather is warmer. Even if the property looked […]

Where to Find Black Friday Deals For Home

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but so is another holiday event that’s become a tradition for many families. That’s right we’re talking about Black Friday. Over the last decade, Black Friday has ballooned into a multi-day event that can actually begin on Thanksgiving and lasts until the following Cyber Monday. It’s an opportunity to […]

How to Keep Your House Clean All The Time

We’re going to be honest with you.  The secret to having a consistently clean house involves cleaning on a daily basis, but don’t let that deter you!  Cleaning every day isn’t time consuming, it means you only clean for a short time each day. For many people, the best time to clean is before company […]

How to Prioritize Remodeling Decisions

So, you bought a fixer-upper?  What should get fixed first? We hope these tips can help you prioritize your remodeling projects! The Budget If you bought a home that needs some work, you are probably already working with a budget in mind.  Money is a finite resource, so you need to decide how to allocate […]

Prepare for Fall With These Yard Projects

Fall is finally right around the corner – even though it doesn’t feel like it some days. You’re probably already getting your home ready by testing the heater, weatherizing around doors and busting out the cozy blankets. As the seasons change, adjustments have to also be made out in the yard to prepare plants for […]

MacGyvering Dorm Furniture

Moving into a dorm inherently means you’ll need to downsize. If you had your own room at home, sharing a dorm room with another student means you’ll probably have even less space to work with than before. Because most dorm rooms come furnished with the basic necessities, your furniture will likely get left back home. […]