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Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves - Square Cow Moovers

Trying to choose between a weekday move and a weekend move? (See the secret to getting the best of both below.) When you make a short-distance or cross country move with Square Cow Movers the experience is sure to be great no matter what day you load up the truck. But each option has its pros and cons.

Weekend Pro: You Don’t Have to Take Off Work

Your 9-to-5 job won’t get in the way of a weekend move. That’s why a lot of people choose to move on Saturday.

Weekend Con: Everyone Else is Moving

Movers are very active on the weekend. Even if they got their move started during the middle of the week, they may be using trucks or other moving services.

Weekend Pro: Less Traffic

After loading up the truck you’re halfway home and ready to get things done! But then you hit rush hour traffic.

Weekend Con: You Don’t Get a Breather

Downtime and decompression are needed to stay fit. A weekend move can mean you’re sacrificing all of your relaxation time. Try to find ways to take breaks throughout the move.

Weekday Pro: Easier Scheduling

Since everyone else is planning a weekend move, weekdays tend to have more availability.

Weekday Con: You Have to Work Around Work

Even if you’re a freelancer who works from home your clients probably have a 9-to-5 schedule.

Weekday Pro: Service Providers Are Readily Available

On the weekend you may need a last minute service or piece of equipment that’s not available until Monday. Not a problem if you move on a weekday.

Weekday Con: Don’t Have Two Consecutive Days For Moving

A mid-week move may mean getting things moved in one day and not giving it your full attention again for

Get the Best of Both Moving Days

Want to know what many veteran movers believe is the best day to move? The answer is – Friday!

We’ve noticed the same trend that MyMovingReviews.com found when they analyzed their moving data. Friday is now the most popular day for moving. One out of five movers choose to load up on Friday followed closely by Saturday (18%). Use that PTO for a Friday move and you’ll get more of the pros and less of the cons. 

Experience all of the pros of working with a moving company that puts customer service first. Square Cow Movers is available for weekday and weekend moves.

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Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/weekday-vs-weekend-moves-pros-cons/