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Cows love picnics for three reasons. Reason #1: humans will dine just the way we do, right on the grass.  Reason #2: While you may pack a picnic basket (just look out for Yogi Bear), no packing or picnic baskets are required for cows. We travel light to a picnic.  Our picnic fare is already spread out for us. Reason #3: You bring the cookies, we will bring the milk!


August is National Picnic Month and the perfect time to have a picnic is… you guessed it August!  Celebrate National Picnic Month in The Woodlands, like Square Cow Movers, with your family and maybe even some new friends.  If The Woodlands is your new home town and you were wondering where exactly you can set up a picnic, check out the list below for some great ideas.

Alden Bridge Parks

Cochran’s Crossing Parks

Creekside Park Village

Panther Creek Village

Grogan’s Mill Village

College Park Parks

Indian Springs Village

Sterling Ridge Village Parks

There are eight villages in The Woodlands and over one-hundred parks!  The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department maintains and operates over 1,800 acres of open space for residents of The Woodlands.  You are sure to find a perfect picnic spot and park close to your new home!

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Image Source:outdoorcanvas.co.uk