Plants are often one of the last things people think of when packing up, but they actually require more preparation than most of your household goods. Because plants are living things that can carry disease and pests, most movers won’t allow you to pack them on the truck. You also won’t be able to take them on planes.  Moving options will be limited so use the tips and information below to make plant moving as easy as possible.

 Plant House

State Regulations for Bringing Plants Across State Lines

A little known fact is that states each have their own regulations on what plants can be brought across their borders. With moves within your current state you shouldn’t have issues, but if you are moving to a new state, check with the state Department of Agriculture and USDA to get specifics on their plant criteria.

California, for example, doesn’t allow any citrus plants to be brought in, due to the possibility of pest infestation.

Ways to Move Plants

Shipping Plants – There are options for shipping your plants via regular shipping services. They will have to be boxed up so this isn’t recommended if it will take more than 5-7 days for the plant to get to your new home. If you plan to ship plants:

Packing Plants in Your Car–One of the simplest and safest options is to pack the plants up in your own car, if they fit that is. Place them in an open container on the floorboard or seat. The flatter the surface the better. Pack the box in tightly so it doesn’t shift, and use packing peanuts, towels, etc. in the box so the pot stays put.

Transporting plants in a Texas movers truck or trailer isn’t a good idea – not just because there are often state regulations against it. Moving trucks and trailers lack adequate light, ventilation and temperature control. Using your vehicle instead gives you the ability to regulate all three as needed.

Make Sure Plants Are Healthy and Pest-Free

No matter what method you choose to use, it is crucial that all your plants are healthy and pest-free. If even a single bug is found during an interstate move your plants and more can be impounded. You also don’t want any creepy crawlies in your vehicle or the possibility of spreading pests and disease to your new yard.

Our last word on safely moving plants is swiftness. The quicker you can get the plants to the new home the better. Wait to pack them up until the night before the move and unload them right away when you get to your final destination.

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Image Source: wall2top.com