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Memorial Day is near, which means that so is mooving season!  As you finalize the packing of your home, one of the rooms often left until the end is the kitchen.  If you are really coordinated and ahead of the game (yeah right), you and your family will have been working on consuming all the contents of your pantry, refrigerator and freezer.  The less you have to move, the better.  The distance of your new home will often dictate what foodstuffs you choose to keep or toss.  If you are moving down the street or simply a different neighborhood, obviously you will be able to keep the majority of your food items. The length of time you will be without a refrigerator or freezer will also determine whether you keep only dry goods or a few perishables as well.  Most items will have expiration dates so you can easily tell, what to toss, what to keep, etc.   As you begin to clean out your pantry, you will come across all your spices, a few have dates, but a majority do not.  What is the shelf life of a spice?  How do you determine which to toss and which to keep? Do spices go bad?