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When we think of the Woodlands, one of the first things that crosses our minds are the beautiful parks (there are more than 150!) and trails (200 plus miles!). It is no secret that this is a great place to live, drawing people from around the state and the country. While you may enjoy venturing around this beautiful area, the thought of doing it while lugging your belongings to your new apartment is probably not high on your list of ideal days. 

People often think of moving apartments as a fairly simple task, but the reality can be quite different. Sure, your apartment probably has fewer belongings than most houses. But moving apartments tends to have many more logistical concerns. These include understanding things like the layout and parking of your current and future apartment complex as well as specific policies that each management company has that may influence how you approach the move. Add in things like parking complexities and your Woodlands apartment move can quickly become a stressful situation. 

In fact, surveys have found that people often rate moving as the most stressful event someone typically goes through in life with 45% agreeing that moving is stressful. Thus, it makes sense why so many people choose to get help from trusted professionals even when moving from one apartment to another. Since Square Cow Movers began operating in the Woodlands, we have gained many happy customers. If you are wanting to outsource the task of your next Woodlands apartment move, our trusted team is happy to help you out. 


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How Can Square Cow Movers Help Your Woodlands Move?

Like we’ve said, moving can be stressful, even when moving to an apartment in a great place like the Woodlands. Square Cow Movers is here to help support your move in any way possible. Maybe you just need someone to load and unload the truck. We can do that. Do you need full service including packing and transportation? We can do that too. In fact, one of the reasons our customers love us is that we recognize that no two moves are exactly the same. 

We will take time to get to know your specific needs while our transparent process keeps you fully in the loop. You can trust us not only to get the job done but to do it well while providing great service. A lot of the secret behind our success is our attitude towards serving you. While moving is stressful for many people, we happen to love it! It provides us with a way in which we can contribute to our communities through providing affordable, reliable service. 

It was actually a less than stellar experience with movers that led to us founding Square Cow Movers. We didn’t want anyone to have to feel like we did, so we started a company that aims to treat all moves with efficiency, quality, and a good dose of Southern hospitality. To us, “service with a smile” isn’t just a mantra – it’s how we really feel about helping you out. 

At Square Cow Movers, we stand out from the largescale moving companies by remembering what is at the center of our business – you and your experience. This is something that stays integral in our decision-making, and we believe that you’ll quickly notice that we are far from just another moving company. When we leave from your new Woodlands apartment, we want you to feel happy that you chose us for your needs.

How Do I Book for My Woodlands Apartment Move? 

Are you ready to see why so many residents of the Woodlands are trusting Square Cow Movers for their apartment moving needs? Getting started with trusting your move to our courteous professionals is as simple as filling out a form to get a free estimate. Part of our focus on trust involves giving you the necessary information to make the decision that’s best for you including an accurate estimate. Of course, feel free to reach out with any questions you have as well. We are here to serve you!

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Spring Service areas

Below is a list short-list of some of the woodlands areas we serve. As a general guide, we are able to serve anyone who lives within 50 miles Spring proper. Typically local moves are defined as any move inside these zones in which the origin and destination are less than 50 miles apart. We also offer great local-long distance rates on moves beyond the service ranges so please call us if you have any questions!


  • Humble
  • New Caney
  • Westfield
  • Atascocita
  • Cypress
  • Porter Heights

The Woodlands

  • Conroe
  • Pinehurst
  • Tomball
  • Magnolia
  • Cleveland
  • Montgomery

725 Spring Cypress Rd,
Spring, TX 77373

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Square Cow made our move incredibly easy. The entire 4 man crew was super friendly and worked quickly to get the move done.
Stuart J.
Trevor, Roger were awesome! Very professional and kind! We highly recommend for all your moving needs.
Thomas K.
Fernando and Xaevis were awesome! Very courteous and super careful with our couch and walls in our house! Would highly recommend!
Matt K.
Movers were great. Arrived on time and provided a courtesy call when they were on their way. Extremely professional and willing to assist in anything else as related to my move. This is the third time I used them and truly highly recommend Square Cow.
Robert P.
Johnathan Easley and Ron Petterman helped my company move a bunch of future and they were very professional and quick. appreciate their help couldn’t of asked for a better pair of guys.Will be using them again defiantly
Justin R.