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After all the moving is said and done, we all know a new home isn’t always a clean home. As the weather warms up and your thoughts turn towards spring, spring cleaning might come to mind.  According to a recent survey by SpareFoot , 78% of Americans plan to spring clean.  While many plan to spring clean, the vast majority do not look forward to the task: 55% of Americans dread spring cleaning. If the idea of spending an entire day or weekend cleaning, purging clutter and organizing doesn’t appeal to you, try these year-round maintenance tips to reduce spring cleaning.

One In, One Out

The thought behind this strategy is that for every one thing you acquire, retire something you already own that serves a similar purpose.  For instance, if you get a new pair of scissors, retire the oldest or dullest pair.  The same principle can be applied to your wardrobe or any other area of your home.  

More Frequent, More Thorough 

If you want to escape an hours-long cleaning fest, break down tasks into more frequent and thorough mini-cleaning sessions.  Spring cleaning is usually a good time to move all the furniture, dust behind it and vacuum underneath it.  We aren’t suggesting moving your furniture every time you vacuum or sweep, but maybe move it over every other time.  If you set a certain day of the week for a specific task, like Saturdays are for mopping, make every other Saturday a more thorough mopping day.

One Extra Load

Spring cleaning is about cleaning all the areas and things that you don’t clean on a regular basis.  Refreshing textiles like shower curtains, duvet covers and bath mats doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore.  Every month, make an effort to do one extra load of laundry that may include slipcovers or cotton mats.  12 extra loads a year will help you keep on top of cleaning your textiles.

Focus on One Area

Clearing out clutter from the entire house at one time can be overpowering.  Shift your focus to one specific area each month.  In May you might clear the garage of clutter, while July might be reserved for hallway closets.  This monthly focus will keep your home clutter-free all year as you work on a rotating basis through all the areas of your home.

Enlist Help Outdoors

Spring cleaning can also encompass outdoor spaces like washing windows or cleaning an outdoor area that hasn’t been used all winter.  It can be hard to keep up with outdoor cleaning year-round, since outdoor organizing is highly dependent on the weather.  You will have to wait for a nice day to engage in outdoor cleaning, but when a nice day comes around enlist help from a spouse, friend or your kid to tackle an outdoor project.  You are more likely to complete spring cleaning tasks if they are broken down into smaller projects, because the sense of accomplishment you get from cleaning one space will motivate you to tackle another project on a different day.

Best of luck with your year-round cleaning so you can enjoy a clean home all year! Our movers are guaranteed not to leave your new space a mess, so fdon’t forget to contact us when the time comes to pack up and move out.

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/year-round-maintenance-can-reduce-spring-cleaning/