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garage-saleIf you’re sacrificing a weekend to put on a yard sale you’ll want to make sure it’s worth your time. That means maximizing the amount of items you sell and getting the best possible price for your belongings.

Use Free and Low Cost Resources to Market the Yard Sale

Unless you live on a busy highway you’ll need to get the word out about the yard sale 5-7 days before the big event.

Craigslist.org – This is the go-to free listing site for yard sale junkies. List your yard sale a week in advance and then renew it 3 days before as well as the day prior to the sale for the best visibility. Mention any name brand and high-demand items, and include as many pictures as possible.

Facebook Posts – A Facebook post is the most effective way to let your friends, family and acquaintances know about your yard sale. They can then help you spread the word to their other friends.

Local newspaper – Taking out a small ad in the classifieds is probably the most tried and true yard sale marketing strategy.

Yard sale signs – For a few bucks you can buy a pre-made yard sale sign or buy supplies to make your own.

Another strategy to try is getting the whole neighborhood involved. A neighborhood yard sale will attract more buyers and you can pool your marketing efforts.

Proper Presentation Leads to Sales

Retail stores pay people good money to create eye-catching window displays and place items strategically around the store. You’ll want to do the same at your yard sale. Group items together logically – household goods with other household goods, electronics with electronics, etc. Also keep things as orderly as possible during the garage sale.

Items you’ll need to properly display items:

Bartering With Buyers

Yard sales are one of the few places where bartering is totally acceptable. If you aren’t comfortable with it, then you’re going to lose out on sales. To become a successful barterer you have to understand the other party and know the true value of items. Some things to keep in mind are:

Speaking of prices, there are a few more important things to have on hand. The first is a calculator for adding up totals and the other is cash to make change with – both coins and dollars.

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