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We know there are a lot of moving apps available out there, but that’s not what we want to talk about today.  By iPhone, we really just mean any phone with a camera, or even just a camera.  A few days before you begin packing, snap a few shots of each room in the house.  This way you will remember how you had laid out your furniture beforehand. Photos will also serve as a great record for insurance companies, as well as a visual aid in case anything goes missing.  If you have a bed, armoire, or piece of furniture that is tricky to reassemble, a photo will greatly help when putting the pieces back together.  Take some photos of the backs of your TVs, entertainment center, computer workspace,  and gaming systems, then when you have to remember which cord goes where, you will have a handy visual how-to.  Some last minute photos could really end up saving you a lot of the hassle that comes with moving.  These visual reminders will be a great way to help you remember how you had previously arranged those hanging pictures, how to put the Wii/DVR/DVD Player/Cable Box/TV back together, and photos will be a great record to figure out what, if anything, is missing.