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At first glance moving during the holidays may sound like a terrible idea, but if you give the idea a closer look, you may start planning your next move!  Here are four reasons why you should consider moving over the holidays.

1.  A New Start- If you move over the holidays you will get to start the New Year (2013) in a new home!

2.  Save Green- While green and red are holiday colors, the holiday season is not a busy moving time.  Most moves occur during the summer, a December move will be less expensive and help you save some money for those Christmas presents.

3.  No Holiday Hosting- If you get stuck with hosting and serving Christmas dinner ever year, it’s now someone else’s turn.  If you are in the middle of a move and your home is in a state of disarray, another family member or friend will have to take over the decorating, cooking and baking this year.

4.  Extra Time and Help- If you move during the holidays, you will have the added bonus of extra time off from work and school.  Relatives and friends will also have extra time off and may even lend an extra helping hand.