Do you remember any of these fitness fads?

Step Aerobics – In the 80s we all wore a lot of really awful but colorful spandex.  The jury is still out on whether or not we regret wearing it, but we did. Do you know how hard it is to find a leotard with a hole for your tail?  We had to get those custom made!  Regardless, we will never forget the hours we spent climbing on and off those plastic platforms while watching VHS fitness videos.

Tae Bo – In the 90s we participated in the Tae Bo fitness phenomenon. We channeled our inner martial arts guru by following Billy Blanks fitness program, a combination of tae kwon do and boxing.  You can’t really defend yourself with Tae Bo moves, but you sure can break a sweat!

In more recent years we have tried out some of the newer fitness fads like…

Zumba – We weren’t coordinated when we first started taking Zumba classes but after a week or two we were hooked!  We love dancing to all genres of music including jazz, Latin and hip hop.  We just can’t keep up with the retirees showing us up on the front row!

CrossFit – Nothing makes us feel more hardcore or extreme than working out with the herd at our local box.  There’s something about this intense, raw, bare-bones style of exercise program that has us competing in Olympic weightlifting and seeing how many burpees we can complete.

Barre – Nothing makes a cow feel more like graceful ballerina than an hour at the barre.  The key word being “feel”, there is no accounting for how we actually look while attempting any exercise regimen. Barre a combination of ballet, yoga and Pilates, has us balancing on a small ball, perfecting our plies, and focusing on isometric exercises.  We will have toned bovine backsides in no time.

Despite our devotion to all these other fitness fads, we think mooving is the best exercise of all!  Here’s why the moover’s workout should be the next BIG thing…

Even though our daily workouts are tough, all of us at Square Cow Movers can’t complain.  We love being in great shape, but we love mooving and helping families even more!

Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/schoeters/3612335140

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/why-packing-and-preparing-for-a-move-is-the-next-big-work-out-trend