unpacking after a move - Square Cow Moovers

When is the best time to unpack after a move?  There are many different strategies and ways to go about unpacking.  Some might say that unpacking immediately after a move is best, others may still have boxes laying around months after a move.  Unpacking and setting up one room at a time is one tactic, that will help you not to feel overwhelmed.  If you cannot stand to live in disarray, a one-day massive unpacking session may be the right choice for you.  Recruit your family and loyal friends, power through the day (and night), and get it all done in one go!  If slow and steady is your modus operandi concentrate on the important rooms first, the kitchen and bedroom!  If you are not operating on a limited time table, unpack things as you need them.  One task that is often left last is hanging pictures on the wall.  Break the cycle by trying to hang a few pictures on the first day, so that you aren’t staring at blank walls for months.  If your goal is to be completely utilitarian with your moving plan, decor will be the absolute last thing you unpack.  When do you unpack?