photo2 e1341620315729 - Square Cow Moovers

We love sharing stories about out-of-the-ordinary objects that we move. A few weeks ago we had the interesting task and unique opportunity of moving a…well a cow. Not an actual, live mooing cow, but it certainly was a big as one and could have weighed possibly more than one.  How could we not say yes?  Cows moving a cow!  Totally worth it, especially for the awesome story. This is just a little example of our willingness to work with unusual things that need to be moved.

photo - Square Cow Moovers

Even though this particular situation is a little bit ironic, Square Cows moving a cow, notice the excellent wrapping job.  We were definitely concerned about this cow arriving unharmed without a scratch.  I think we can safely saw that no one wraps life size cow statues better than Square Cow!  It only took four Square Cows to moove that one cow statue.  (In case you were wondering, yes that statue was heavy!)  If you happen to have any life size cow statues lying around that need to be moved, we think you know whom to call.  Square Cow Movers of course!