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Extra trash or junk is always inevitable in a move, usually on both ends.  Sure you are going to do your best to give away, sell or donate anything that your family no longer needs.  Somehow there always ends up being a large amount of extra junk, it might be broken, stained, torn, unusable, etc.  But for whatever reason you recognize that no one is going to want it.  There may be several things that have piled up at your old residence over the years and now you need to get rid of them before the big move.  After you arrive at your new home and have finished unpacking, you still cannot escape the extra trash.  Usually you might be able to reuse or pass along some of the moving boxes, but that still leaves you with discarded packing tape, used packing materials, popped bubble wrap, and crumpled tissue, etc. Don’t forget the extra trash from all the cleaning (of both homes).  So what are you going to do with all that trash?