woodlands ice rink 2010 - Square Cow Moovers

Baby it’s cold outside, but not too cold to enjoy a day at the ice rink.  By now you and your family have consumed piles of food, baked copious amounts of cookies, opened tons of presents and thrown away all that wrapping paper that gets glitter everywhere.  Family together time is great, but perhaps you are ready for a break from the family.  The prolonged time off from school and extra family in town can make days spent at home during the holidays extra long.  Get out of the house or encourage family members to get our of your hair by going skating at the Woodlands Ice Rink.  A spin on the ice may be just what your kids need to stave off holiday boredom and give you a chance to clear out your home.  If you have really young little ones, don’t worry, there is a smaller Kid’s Ice Rink for children five years old and younger.  While Texas may not get much snow, especially down south, it doesn’t mean your family can’t enjoy and partake in a traditional winter pastime.  For more information: http://www.thewoodlandscvb.com/pages/TWCVBEvents/HolidayinTheWoodlands2012/HolidayinTheWoodlandsTheIceRink/tabid/232/Default.aspx