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Calves, er children, are our future.  If you want to help educate future herd leaders and live in the Houston area attend this year’s 2013 SCI://TECH Exposition.  Designed to promote math, science and technology for students of all ages, the SCI://TECH Exposition helps to promote education in in-demand fields.  This event takes place from January 25 through February 9; however, the public is encouraged to attend the SCI://TECH Exposition Day on February 2, this Saturday. Throughout the duration of the expo high school and middle school students will compete in science fairs, a technical writing competition, an engineering design competition, and math and science bowls.  Local educators and business volunteers host this event which is sponsored by the Education for Tomorrow Fund.  The theme for this year’s SCI://TECH Exposition is “On the edge of possible”.  The SCI://TECH Exposition encourages children to creatively compete with other students in the science and tech fields while exploring awesome objects like robots and testing scientific theories.   If you want to encourage your kid to pursue a course of study in the science and tech fields, check out the 2013 SCI://TECH Exposition!  For more information: http://www.efta-us.org/SciTech.htm