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Image Credit: The Epoch Times
Image Credit: The Epoch Times

While some may claim that a cow’s favorite pastime is going to the moo-vies (how many times have we heard that joke), we actually love listening to live moo-sic!  Especially live music that is outdoors on a Thursday night.

Why Thursday night you may ask?  Thursday night is the best night of the week for a date with your udder half, because you don’t have to compete with all the inevitable June weddings, graduation ceremonies and parties.  Going out on a Thursday night means you have your weekends free to cram in as many or as few parties, get togethers, and obligations as you want.  It’s also easier to find a bovine babysitter on a weeknight to mind the calves.

Thursday night is a good enough excuse for us to go out, heck Monday or Tuesday night would work just fine too, but if that doesn’t motivate you, perhaps some really good music will.  Artists performing at the Market Street Spring Concert Series include: The Brew, FAB 5, a reincarnation of the Beatles, Hamilton Loomis, a smoking show blues band, and even a finalist of American Idol, Will Makar and The Redline.  Each concert starts at 6PM and is free to the public! For more information: http://bit.ly/12gxajr