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Earlier this week on Monday we wrote a blog about the tree lighting ceremony occurring at the Hill Country Galleria this Thursday, November 15.  Apparently this Thursday is the day to hold tree lighting ceremonies.  On the same day in the Woodlands, the annual “Luxury in Lights” tree will be unveiled at Market Street.  The tree is over seventy feet tall and has over 25,000 colored lights.  This isn’t just your ordinary Charlie Brown Christmas tree though, this tree is Houston’s only performing Christmas tree.  Flashing multi-colored lights on the tree are synchronized to symphonic music.  Throughout the holiday season, the tree will nightly entertain visitors with musical performances.  A luminary, a special individual who is an inspiration to others will have the honor of lighting the tree at this special event.  Each year a luminary is nominated, the luminary is a child or family who has overcome incredible odds, made a significant contribution to the community, or helped someone in need.  You will have to attend this year’s ceremony to find out who the 2012 luminary is!  There will also be traditional horse-drawn carriage rides available from 6-9pm.  For more information: http://www.marketstreet-thewoodlands.com/Events/EventInfo/12-11-15/%E2%80%9CLuxury_in_Lights%E2%80%9D_Christmas_Tree_Lighting_Celebration