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Ah, the garage. It’s a thing of beauty when you first move in. The wide-open space that urges you to take on that home project you always wanted to try. Clean and free of clutter it’s a place you actually wouldn’t mind spending time in.

Then the storing starts. As soon as you start unboxing everything it becomes a catch-all for odds and ends of all sorts. Holiday decorations, paint cans, sporting equipment – tons of stuff gets in the way of the garage becoming anything more than a storage space.

But wait! Put down the canned goods equipment. Before you exile your garage to a lonely storage existence take a little time to make it more multifunctional instead. That way you can keep some storage space and still use the garage for other purposes.

Décor and Lighting

Make the garage feel a little more inviting and a little less industrial with some special touches.

Epoxy Floor – It’s still very utilitarian for when you’re using the garage as a car repair or shop space, but it looks a heck of a lot better than bare concrete and it’s easier to clean up.

Additional Lighting – Garages are notorious for their bad lighting, which usually consists of a single small light in the middle of the ceiling and maybe a light for the garage door when it opens. Increase the usability by shedding some more light.

Curtains – Curtains can be hung to cover up storage along the walls. It’s a great option for concealing contained clutter on shelves and pegboards.

Multifunctional Bench – Adding seating and extra storage with a bench.

Improved Storage Space

We’ve all seen the garages that are crammed full with things with no rhyme or reason. With the right storage setup your garage can quickly be converted into an artist’s studio, playroom for the kids or man cave on game night.

Cabinets – These are a garage multi-taskers dream. If there is only room for one thing in your budget it should be storage cabinets. They can be mounted to the wall, or freestanding pieces that rest of the floor. Cabinets on wheels are especially useful and versatile.

Racks and Shelves – Wall-mounted racks are a more affordable way to store items within the garage. Try to use them just for larger items so it doesn’t look to cluttered and messy.

Other storage options include:

·      Peg boards for tools

·      Workstations with a countertop

·      Bins and Baskets

·      Hooks – can hang everything from outerwear to gardening tools

Hi-Tech Electronics and Appliances

If you want to turn your garage into an entertainment space, say for sporting events or card nights, here’s a few tips for transforming your garage.

Put Up a Big Screen – A TV will instantly make a garage more appealing to hang out in. It can be mounted to a wall or hidden within a cabinet. Since the garage isn’t typically climate controlled, the best TVs for that room will be one with a built-in heating and cooling system.

Add a Sound System – Wiring in a sound system is a definite step up from a boom box. This is especially beneficial if you’re adding a TV that the system can be connected to. Again you can keep the garage looking cleaner by hiding the wiring. Some cabinets are now being made with grommets specifically for electronic wiring.

Extra Refrigerator – Why go all the way inside when you can keep a stash of snacks in the garage? Products like the Gladiator GarageWorks’ Chillerator and Freezerator are made to withstand extreme temperatures and keep on running without a problem.

There you have it! Décor, storage, entertainment options and more that will transform your garage into the most multifunctional room in the house.

Image Source: www.flickr.com/photos/blineconstruction/5199201710

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/ways-to-make-your-garage-more-multifunctional