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Today it’s easier to stay in touch remotely than ever before, which is great news for anyone that’s moving soon. One of the hardest parts about making a move is leaving loved ones behind. The physical distance can have a real emotional and mental impact that could make adjusting to your new home and city more difficult.

The trick is to make the most of the time you have together and put a plan in place that will help you keep in touch.


Before the Move

Make Time with Friends and Family a Part of Your Moving Schedule

It’s important to take breaks from your moving duties, which is the perfect opportunity to pencil in time with friends and family. Since you may be short on time, really make these opportunities count by doing something special, going to one of your favorite spots in the city and choosing activities where it’s easy to talk.

Get Friends and Family Involved in the Move

We’re not suggesting that you put your loved ones to work (of course, if they want to help out that’s great), but when you’re getting ready to make a move a lot of your time will be spent preparing. Instead of making it a solitary activity, invite people over to hang out while you get things packed up. Most of the time friends and family are more than willing to take on the easy or fun tasks like helping you create your moving list or labeling boxes.

Figure Out the Best Way to Communicate After the Move

Before moving ask friends and family when and how they want to communicate. Some people respond quicker to texts while other prefer a phone call. Tech-savvy individuals may want to use the opportunity to try out the latest chat apps or video calling service. Options to consider include:

It’s also a good idea to ask about people’s schedules if you’re unsure about work schedules or other extra curricular activities when friends and family are unavailable.

Consider Getting Your Kids a Communication Device

Kids are particularly affected by leaving friends and family behind, and can feel frustrated since it isn’t their decision to move. You can make the transition a little easier by giving them the means to communicate with loved ones. If they are old enough and don’t already have a phone, consider getting them one. If they already have a tablet or laptop allow them to set up programs that make it easy to communicate online. Encourage them to also create their own communication plan with friends.

Make Sure Social Accounts Are Up-to-Date

Social media gives us an entirely new way to keep people up-to-speed with what we’re doing. Update your social accounts and/or consider adding new accounts and share your user information with loved ones.


After the Move

Keep Communication Consistent

If you plan to talk around the same time each day, week, month, etc. it makes communication much easier. Each person knows to anticipate the call and doing so consistently will help make it a habit.

Use Email and Text for the Little Stuff

Constant contact through text and email is convenient and will keep you better connected. However, it can’t replace hearing the other person’s voice. So reserve these text communications for the small stuff rather than big occasions like a birthday.

Keep a Calendar with Important Dates

Speaking of birthdays, when you’re apart from loved ones it can be easier to forget important milestones. Avoid missing a big event by keeping a calendar that’s specifically for noting important dates like anniversaries, graduations, etc. Once the date is in place, set an alert on your phone or computer to remind you to reach out.


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