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Halloween Trick or treaters

Even if you don’t have kids Halloween is a great opportunity to meet your new neighbors after a move. Keep reading for a couple tricks on how to use treats to strike up conversations and get to know your new neighbors.


Hand Out Candy to the Trick-or-Treaters

One of the quickest ways to make a good first impression with lots of people in the neighborhood is to hand out candy on Halloween. Parents usually accompany their kids while they make the trick-or-treating rounds, and there’s a good possibility they’ll be curious about the move. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and learn a little more about the people in your new neighborhood.


Take Neighbors Up on Any Invites

Halloween is a popular party occasion. Most of the time people might just chock an invite up to their neighbor just being neighborly, but a Halloween invite is a good time to meet some of your new neighbors. It’s a very relaxed occasion when people are out to have a good time. But don’t forget to dress up. If you’re moving to Austin embrace the “Keep It Weird” mentality and fun have with your costume.


Make Halloween Candy Baskets for Next Door Neighbors

Reaching out to give neighbors a small gift during the holidays is always a kind gesture that they’ll remember. Halloween is a good excuse for letting your inner crafter come out. Get enough inexpensive trick-or-treat buckets for your next door neighbors, some festive filler, candy and a few other knick knacks, and you’re in business.


Join in on Neighborhood Get Togethers

Lots of neighborhoods organize Halloween get togethers for everyone living in the immediate area. Check on the message boards or HOA website, if you have one, to see what kind of festivities are happening that you or your kids might want to join in on.


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