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What a nightmare. Your new job starts in two weeks. It’s in another part of the country. And your old house is still on the market. Probably will be for months in this economy. You don’t want to sell the place for a big loss. Yikes!

Get ready for a challenge.

Additionally, you’ll be paying for two places but only living in one. Married? You might want to think about trekking ahead, staying in a small rental unit while your spouse stays behind to handle all of the miss-mash of unloading the house. That will give you some financial breathing-room and you won’t be so rushed to find the right property in the new town.

Single? You still want to consider the option of renting something cheaper while the other home remains on the block.

What You Left Behind

Hitched or not, when leaving town your realtor will be your lifeline. They are just as interested in selling your leftovers because that’s the only way they’ll get paid. Beyond that, here are a couple of other things that you should consider: