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After a move there are plenty of boxes left over, which is the perfect foundation for Mother’s Day craft projects! Keep reading to get a few craft ideas that moms and kids can enjoy doing together as well as ones that dad can help with to give mom a Mother’s Day surprise.

Finding Good Boxes to Work With

Before beginning a project you’ll want to find the very best boxes to use. What constitutes the best box varies depending on the type of project you’re working on.

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Surprise Mom with Moving Box Made Gifts

Most of the time moms don’t need extravagant gifts on Mother’s Day. Getting a homemade gift that their kids put time, effort and love into can be the best gift of all.

Giant Mother’s Day Cards

The creases and folds in moving boxes make it easy to convert them into giant cards. Simply cut away two connecting sides of the box. You can then dress up the front and back flap with construction, wrapping or packing paper. Next use markers to create personalized message on the outside and inside pages of the card.

Original Art

Turn a picture frame box into an original piece of art quickly and easily. All dad has to do is cut away the top flaps of the box. Now the kids can paint a scene on the solid bottom in the inner portion of the box. Allow the paint to dry then affix adhesive picture hanging strips to the back. Mom will get original art to decorate the new house with!

Mother’s Day Moving Box Craft Projects

Sometimes the best gift is getting to spend time having fun with your kids. The ideas below are a great way for the whole family to get involved and recycle used moving boxes to create something entirely new.

Build a Fort

No matter how old you are, building a fort will bring out the kid in you. If it’s a nice day outside gather up a load of large sturdy boxes, a pair of scissors or utility knife, super glue and some duct tape. That’s all you need to create an impressive moving box fort. What you can build is limited only by your imagination. One of our favorites is a cardboard barn.


Build a Puppet Show Playhouse

If you’d rather build something together that’s a little different try a puppet show playhouse. Begin by using a large appliance box or wardrobe box for the playhouse structure.

You now have a puppet show playhouse that can be used with string puppets from above or hand puppets from below. If you’d like you could use the left over cardboard to make a few puppet cut outs that can be glued to popsicle sticks or threaded with string. You’ll have everything you need for a special Mother’s Day show.

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