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Today we tackle how to pack and move clothes.  What is the most effective way to pack and transport the entire contents of your closet?  (And your dresser drawers, laundry hamper, and that random pile hiding under the bed as well.)   If you are a clothes-horse er, clothes-cow, there may be ALOT of clothing involved, as in every closet in your house is filled with clothes.  Here are some tips culled from different sources that will give you a few different strategies to use when packing for the big Moove.  (Information like this would have been really helpful when a certain somebody transferred colleges several different times, came home every summer, returned to campus every fall and insisted on brining her entire wardrobe with her every time.)

First we would like to start off with this video, (we especially love the over-the-top cheesy acting when the actress is overwhelmed by packing her clothes…. )

Have you ever bought those armoire boxes, you know the ones with the built-in hanging bar?  They are EXPENSIVE.  This article shows a homemade hanging bar used with a regular box.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for using garbage bags to move clothing, just make sure your clothes don’t get thrown away by accident!

Here is a description of the moving technique with our favorite name, “The Dead Body Bundle”.

This blog actually has photos illustrating the technique mentioned above, it really is less horrifying/complicated than it sounds.

*Obviously many of these techniques are meant for a shorter distance move, you probably will have to box things up if you are moving father away.

If all else fails, toss out all your clothes and go SHOPPING for a new wardrobe to begin life in your new home!