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Square Cow Movers is all about being neighborly because it’s just the right thing to do, but it can also be a blessing when you need it most. That’s what we cows discovered at our Austin moving location.

Recently our barn was getting a little bit of a facelift, which left us with nowhere to park the tractors. Our neighbors at the Church at Canyon Creek stepped right in to offer up parking space on their spread while the renovations were underway. It was a real neighborly thing to do, which made us think about the concept in general.

In the middle of moving in or out of a home or business things can be stressed, strained, frantic and frazzled. It’s easy to let your neighborliness slip. But those are the times when it’s more important than ever to be a good neighbor.


5 Reasons Why Being Neighborly is Important During a Move

Won’t you be my neighbor? Just because you’re leaving or new to a neighborhood doesn’t mean you get a pass on being neighborly. In fact, it could be the most important time to let your neighborliness shine!

Moves Can Put Neighbors Out – The noise, the commotion, the moving trucks – a move can rattle your neighbors almost as much as you. Of course, this is through no choice of their own. Keep that in mind whenever you’re interacting with neighbors during the move.

They’ll Keep an Eye Out  – Neighbors can help keep an eye on your things or your kids while you’re making a move. Is half your home out on the lawn right when you’ve got to run out and pick something up? If you’re a good neighbor you’ve got nothing to worry about because the people next door will have your back. Is your house going to be vacant for a few days while you’re moving things? No problem when you got good neighbors to watch out for suspicious activity.

They Can Give You a Hand – Let’s face it. When you move you often have to ask for favors. Like in our case, Church of Canyon Creek was more than happy to help out with our parking situation.

First Impressions are Everything – It’s a rule of life. People formulate a lot of thoughts about you based on their first impression. And all it takes is seven seconds for a person to get a first impression. Even if you’re tired, sweaty and just stubbed your toe on a random box try not to let that show if a neighbor comes over to welcome you to the neighborhood. A few more non-verbal ways to make a good first impression include smiling, making eye contact, standing up straight and a firm handshake.

Last Impressions are Almost Just as Important – Other than a first impression, the last impression you make on a person is the most important. It’s what will linger in their mind well after you’re gone. You never know where life may take you, and you could end up right back in your old neighborhood. Make sure the neighbors are always ready to welcome you back with open arms by giving the people around you a heads up of when the moving truck will be there and try to keep the noise down as much as possible.


Hiring Square Cow Movers to help you make a move in Houston, Austin or the surrounding areas is one of the best ways to make a great last impression. We’ll get the job done so quick and quietly you’re neighbors might miss the move entirely!

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/the-importance-of-being-neighborly-before-and-after-a-move/