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blur mini cow - Square Cow Moovers

That’s it we have found it!  By “it” we mean the cutest thing ever!  A proud mom posted this photo of three mini-Square Cows playing “Square Cow”.  We can only imagine the adorableness (is that a word?) of these mini-Square Cows.  We can’t help but believe they had an awesome time scheduling mini-mooves and mooving tiny furniture.  Hopefully, they didn’t make too much of a mess.  But if they did we are sure it was well-worth the fun and cuteness that ensued.  We love that they are even wearing mini-Square Cow shirts!  They even have the hats and sunglasses.  One mini-Square Cow wears a watch, so they are sure to be on time.  Can’t tell from the photo, but we are sure their shirts are tucked in as well… It’s so awesome when great content comes to you.  Thanks for sharing this photo with us, we are definitely fans of the mini-Square Cows.  They may definitely have a future as full-size Square Cows.  What do you think would you hire these mini-moovers for perhaps a small moove?