Image Credit: The Woodlands Gourmet Bakery & Cafe
Image Credit: The Woodlands Gourmet Bakery & Cafe

Welcome to your new community!  A fresh start after a big move is always an exciting time, but there are a few challenges too.  Bigger challenges include: helping your kids adjust to a new school, becoming acclimated at a new job or new office, finding a new family doctor or vet for your dog.   But what about the small things that help daily life progress smoother, finding a new dry cleaner, locating the nearest post office, or where to order pizza?  We want to help make your transition as new residents of The Woodlands as smooth as possible, so we have culled reviews and websites to help you find the best restaurants in The Woodlands.

Best Breakfast in The Woodlands

Start your day off right with the most important meal.  Generally, we only have time for a wheat grass shake during weekday mornings, but we do enjoy lingering over a nice breakfast or brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  The Woodlands Gourmet Bakery & Cafe is one of the highest rated restaurants in The Woodlands on Yelp.  Their website reviews that the owners are actually French and professionally trained chefs!  Yelpers rave about their crepes, croissants and freshly made bakery items.  Their menus also includes croissant sandwiches, regular sandwiches and French salads.  We agree that this is a lovely little hidden gem in The Woodlands.

Best Pizza in The Woodlands

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is one of the highest rated and most reviewed restaurants in The Woodlands.  Grimaldi’s pizza is unique because the pizzas are prepared in a coal-fired brick oven with a New York-style thin crust.    Although this restaurant has multiple locations across the United States, don’t be afraid to give The Woodlands location a try.  We hear the pizzas are yummy and large in size!

Best Asian in The Woodlands

Fantastic Pho & Royal Teahouse is another great local option in The Woodlands that is not a chain.  Reviewers on Yelp are very complimentary of the pho and boba tea.  This restaurant is also a great affordable option for residents of The Woodlands. Our mouths are watering after perusing all the perfectly presented food photos submitted by Yelp reviewers.  We would take a few points off of Fantastic Pho & Royal Teahouse for not having a working website.

Best Tex-Mex/ Mexican in The Woodlands

You can’t live in Texas without knowing where the best Tex-Mex restaurant in the vicinity is at all times.  Guadalajara Hacienda receives the most Yelp votes for best Tex-Mex in The Woodlands.  The menu boasts all the usual Tex-Mex fare from fajitas to enchiladas and everything in between.  With four different locations, Guadalajara Hacienda must be a Houston favorite. Head over to Guadalajara Hacienda during happy hour, order a margarita and raise a toast to your new home town, The Woodlands and all your new local favorite restaurants.

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