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Dog to Work

Taking your dog to work is a great way to inject some fun into your daily work routine. Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  This is a great opportunity to foster camaraderie within your company, get to know co-workers better and have some fun on a Friday.  We previously discussed some of the benefits of bringing your pet to work here.

The first Bring Your Dog to Work Day occurred in 1999, back then around 300 companies participated in this special event.  Now thousands of companies take part in this holiday.   Here are 5 reasons why you should consider sponsoring a Bring Your Dog to Work Day at your workplace!

-The purpose of Bring Your Dog to Work Day is to help raise awareness about the benefits of a pet and to promote pet adoptions.

-Dogs in the workplace can help reduce stress.  The presence of a comforting animal can alleviate anxiety and even help to diffuse a tense situation.  An employee may be able to help keep a conversation with an angry customer pleasant and upbeat when a comforting companion is within arm’s reach.

-Dogs can help to foster a better work environment and cooperative relationships between co-workers.  Who wouldn’t want to get along the pet parent of a friendly Golden Retriever? Who knew that Harry and Sally share a passion for Chihuahuas?

-A special day for employees to bring their dogs to work is a great way to offer a perk or benefit with low to no cost to the employer.  We’re not saying this will replace health insurance, but some doggie goodwill may go a long way in letting your employees know you value and care about their WHOLE family.

-Bring Your Dog to Work Day is a great way to garner some positive media attention for your company and you will have created your very own PR stunt.  A few photos of employees and their pooches hard at work will create some great conversations and engagement on your company Facebook page.

-The best office break isn’t a walk down the hall to the break room to grab another donut, but perhaps a walk outside with Fido.  An opportunity for your employees to get outside, clear their heads and be a little active is a great way to increase creativity and productivity.

Once you have decided to host a Bring Your Dog to Work Day, how can you make sure your pet is behaving like a boon and not a doggie distraction?

-Prepare your dog before the big day with a bath.  A bath will help to remove dander and people with allergies will thank you.  This will also help to keep the workplace clean.

-Develop a game plan such as keeping your door closed or keeping your dog on a leash.  Your dog may be generally well-behaved, but with all the distractions of an office full of dogs, you may have some trouble keeping Spot under control.

-Do a test run! Before introducing your dog to a situation where he will be surrounded by multiple dogs of various sizes, you will need to have some idea of how your dog will behave in a situation like this.  Use a dog park, get together with friends’ dogs or a doggie daycare to evaluate your dog’s level of socialization.  It’s best for the safety of everyone involved if you leave unsocialized dogs at home.

-Come prepared. Bring a dog bed to make Fluffy comfortable, treats, a bone or chew toy to help keep Rex entertained, and food and a water bowl to keep Rover fed and hydrated.  Don’t forget poop bags!  You don’t want to be an ill-behaved guest by leaving something undesirable behind on the company grounds.  Clean up after your pet.

Happy Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  Ruff, ruff moo!

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/smadden/2899542874
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