We have recently announced that we will be closed on Sundays. The bulls put down their hooves, and their families cheered. Since this is a family run business, we feel that it is crucial for our square cows to have a day each week to spend time with their herds and tend to their pastures.

Think about it folks. Most people work five days out of the week, even in the service industry. Wade, Wayne and Derek will always be available during business hours, and if this means they are open on Sundays, then they are working seven days a week. Wade is a father of three, Derek, a father of two and Wayne is the Grandpa to all nine little bovine.

Ask any cow (or human) resources expert and they will tell you that working seven days a week decreases performance, endurance and customer satisfaction. When we were discussing this, these became major issues for us. We fervently believe that we are infinitely more effective when given an opportunity to focus on our families for a day.

Our mission is to treat every customer with respect, courtesy and professionalism – in essence we try to be perfect. Of course, issues will come up simply because life throws some serious curve balls, and we aren’t saying a day off will make us perfect, but we are