Creating a Storefront That Draws People In

Even though lots of business is done online these days there are still millions of brick-and-mortar stores that get a serious amount of foot traffic. How much traffic? Enough to generate $3.9 trillion in sales. That’s 94% of all retail sales!

It’s just as important as ever (if not more) to create an attractive storefront that attracts business. For many customers this will be their first impression of your company. It may even be the deciding factor in whether or not they step inside.

If you’re moving to a new business location it’s the perfect time to create a storefront strategy that attracts customers. Here are a few tips that are sure to get people through the door.

10 Tips for Storefront Success

To compete with online businesses you need to wow customers with a noteworthy shopping experience that starts before they even get inside.

  • Make Sure You’re Store Name Stands Out – The sign with the name of your business is by far the most important part of your storefront. It should be large enough to see from the road and stand out from the building. Don’t be afraid to break away from standard issue signage. There are a million ways to create custom signs that really speak to your market and set you apart from the neighboring stores.
  • Keep It Uncluttered – If there’s too much going on with your storefront it will be hard for people to focus on any one thing.
  • Use Colors That Pop and Contrast – Color is a great way to catch the eye of people who are passing by. Bright colors like red and yellow painted on the door, window frames or the fascia can make your storefront pop out.
  • Keep It Clean – Keeping the inside of your establishment spotlessly clean won’t make a difference if the storefront looks worse for wear. Take the time to clean up each day before opening, make sure the windows are smudge-free and the exterior is in good shape.
  • Use Your Windows – Perforated window film is a great way to turn your windows into a billboard. You can still see out, but the film adds privacy and allows you to promote specials.
  • Use Interchangeable Sidewalk Signs – A sidewalk sign is an effective way to advertise daily specials and get the attention of pedestrians.
  • Light It Up – Lighting can draw attention to your storefront at night, which is good even if you aren’t open. LED signs are very popular today because they are energy efficient, but even basic spotlights are better than being in the dark.
  • Create a Story for Your Storefront Display – Seasoned display designers use this trick all the time. Think of what you want your display to say to customers that are window-shopping. Use product placement, signs and lighting to create a mood and tell a specific story.
  • Lay Out a Welcome Mat – It may sound pretty simple, but a welcome mat in front of the door really does invite people in. You can even get one custom made with a special message or image.
  • Add Foliage Out Front – Beautiful, healthy plants can add color and warmth to your storefront. If there’s nothing but concrete around greenery will certainly get you noticed.

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