square wheel

We interrupt our regular blog schedule to inform you of an important Square Cow announcement.  In order to differentiate ourselves from the competition we find that our spotted trucks are no longer unique enough.  Effective immediately we will begin adding square wheels to all Square Cow vehicles.  No, seriously when was the last time you saw a square wheel?  This is an improvement to our moving trucks that will distinguish Square Cow Movers from other moving companies and help to position us as innovative thought leaders willing to take risks in the moving industry.

Moving in the Texas hill country can be difficult. The rolling hills are beautiful, but can be dangerous.  Square wheels will help to keep our moving trucks from rolling backwards on steep driveways and inclines.  Not only are square wheels a great branding tool, but they will also help the Square Cow Movers image fit better within the Austin community, which endeavors to “Keep Austin Weird”.  Square wheels are definitely weird!

Believe it or not, a six-year-old marketing whiz came up with the idea.  After he drew a picture, we were sold and immediately made a special, custom order for square wheels for all our trucks!

Just kidding, Happy April Fool’s from Square Cow Movers!