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Square Cow Movers - Square Cow MooversIf you are reading this blog, you probably know that there is something a little bit different about Square Cow Moovers, something that makes us unique. Our name, for starters, conveys that we have a sense of humor. But people don’t want to hire a moving company just because we are funny. People want to trust their things to a moving company that cares, respects others and has a desire to serve. The thing that sets us apart from other moving companies is our Square Cow culture. With many locations across several states, it can be difficult to foster a unique but uniform culture at every branch. We believe that our commitment to Square Cow culture has led to our growth, branch expansions and overall success. Daily we strive to live up to our cow
culture and continue our growth by developing new leaders and providing training for every member of our herd. So, what exactly is Square Cow Culture?

Commitment to Service

If we had to focus on one particular trait, it would be service. Not customer service, but service—the action of helping or doing work for someone. Service extends beyond doing the job we are paid to do. Approaching every situation with a service mindset means we genuinely want to put others before ourselves. This humbling act has the ability to bleed over from our professional lives to our personal ones. How would your life be different, if you put others first? We like to ask ourselves this to encourage personal and professional development. Consideration for others is a life skill that has the potential to help our herd achieve success and connect with others in all areas.

Manners Matter

Yes Ma’m. Yes Sir. No Problem. My Pleasure. These 8 words encapsulate our culture. This phrase is printed on the back of all our herd members’ shirts because we want to remind ourselves and others that manners matter. Yes, they are just words, but the meaning behind polite words reveals a foundation of respect. Someone might begin using these words as a pleasantry, but the act of pausing to remember and use manners demonstrates a respect for others and ourselves. The current culture may not value manners, the same way we do, but we believe manners are an integral part of cow culture. We may be old-fashioned, but remembering our manners and to use polite words when interacting with others, signals that we respect you, we respect your stuff and we respect our herd.

Detail Oriented

“If you’re too big to do the small things, then you’re too small to do the big things.”

organized truck - Square Cow MooversNo detail is too insignificant to matter. We believe that if practice responsibility of the small things, we will demonstrate our commitment and be rewarded with bigger responsibilities. We teach our herd to tuck in their shirts and always have clean dashboards in their trucks. These small details matter. By training our herd to care about the little things, they will care and have respect for everything, especially your stuff!

Herd Development

If we want our herd to take care of you, we need to take care of our herd. We invest in our herd by focusing on training that builds leadership, teamwork and our Square Cow culture. Every year we host an annual Cow-ference for all of our branch managers. Herd leadership gathers for development, training, exchanging ideas and goal setting.
We also host Herd Development Days where our best members are nominated to receive additional training to become future leaders.

The best way to see our Square Cow culture in action is to have a conversation with us. We want your next move to be a different type of moving experience, so why not try the udder guy?

Original Source: https://squarecowmovers.com/square-cow-movers-culture/