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Every child has heard Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare.  In case it has been a few years, here is a refresher.  An overconfident hare challenges the tortoise to a race.  The tortoise and the hare were racing and the hare was far ahead.  Certain of his forthcoming victory, the hare stops for a nap.  The slow but steady tortoise ends up winning the race as the hare oversleeps.

While you may have heard of this tale, did you know there is an Aesop’s fable about a cow and a frog?  Can you guess who comes out the victor?  While the cow and the frog do not race, a prideful frog tries to puff himself up as big as a cow until he bursts!  Long story short, cows and tortoises are the good buys, while hares and frogs are prone to arrogance and pride, at least according to Aesop.  We can’t help but support our fellow our fellow fable animals, by promoting Turtle Racing!

Perhaps inspired by Aesop’s fable or just the irony of racing some of the most well-known slow moving animals, Little Woodrow’s features turtle racing every week from April until October.  You can catch turtle racing on Thursdays at Little Woodrow’s Southpark location and on Fridays at the Little Woodrow’s West 6th location.

While turtle racing may sound dangerous (for the turtles), don’t worry, no animals will be harmed.  As cows we take animal safety very seriously, for instance we always buckle up when traveling via Square Cow truck.  The good folks at Austin Pets Alive are even a proud partner of this event!  Race attendees can also donate to APA.

Head on over to the Turtle Racing Facebook page to see how generous these guys are.  Did you know there was even a turtle racing event benefitting those who were recently affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma?

Turtle racing starts at 8PM, but you may want to get there a little early, because it looks like alot of people take this sport very seriously! The official sponsors of the 2013 turtle racing season include: Budweiser, Crown Royal, Patron XO Café, Tito’s Vodka and Cruzan Rum.  Here’s how it works, stickers with numbers will be affixed to each turtle, the winning turtle will then (hopefully) scurry at a quick clip towards one of the six sponsor buckets.

If you want to get in on the action, betting on the turtles is strongly encouraged. Possible prizes include: merchandise, t-shirts, and Woodrow’s Bucks a.k.a. beer money.  Word on the street is that there will also be drink specials at Little Woodrow’s during turtle racing time.

Do you have a pet turtle of your own that you would like to race?  Turtle aficionados rejoice, because you are in luck, there is even a guest challenge during the course of the turtle races!

No sleeping hares or puffed up frogs will impede these turtles in their bid for glory, they only have to race each other.  For more information: http://littlewoodrows.com/aus_events/